New York Gold Medal Gala

Thank you to all the supporters of the 2015 New Gold Medal Gala! Information for the 2016 New York Gold Medal Gala will be posted shortly. 

For more information about the 2016 New York Gold Medal Gala, please email

2015 athletes in attendance:

Mac Bohonnon - Aerials
Kelly Clark - Halfpipe Snowboarding
Steven Nyman - Alpine
Kiley McKinnon - Aerials
Taylor Fletcher - Nordic Combined
Bryan Fletcher - Nordic Combined
Morgan Schild - Moguls
Faye Gulini - Snowboardcross
Gus Kenworthy - Halfpipe and Slopestyle Skiing
Alex Deibold - Snowboardcross
Ryan Dyer - Moguls
Sophie Caldwell - Cross Country
Simi Hamilton - Cross Country
Sarah Hendrickson - Ski Jumping
Dave Chodounsky - Alpine
Seth Wescott - Snowboardcross
Bode Miller - Alpine
Tommy Ford - Alpine
Laurenne Ross - Alpine
Nick Baumgartner - Snowboardcross
Resi Stiegler - Alpine 
Picabo Street - Alpine
Jonny Moseley - Moguls
Shannon Bahrke-Happe - Moguls
Trace Worthington - Freestyle 

2015 Event Sponsor Levels

Gold Sponsor:  $30,000
One table for ten guests and gift bags
Invitation to attend VIP reception with athletes
Use of four USSA Gold Passes for five consecutive days of skiing (dates as available)
Premier seating with an elite USSA athlete
Select choice of athlete at your table (athletes as available, to be announce) 
Recognition in event program (space for full-page, full-color ad*)

Silver Sponsor:  $25,000
One table for ten guests and gift bags
Invitation to attend VIP reception with the athletes
Use of two USSA Gold Passes for five consecutive days of skiing (dates as available)
Seating with an elite USSA athlete
Recognition in event program (space for half-page, full-color ad*)

Bronze Sponsor:  $15,000
One table for ten guests and gift bags
Use of two USSA Gold Passes for three consecutive days of skiing (dates as available)
Recongnition in event program

Individual Sponsor:  $1,500
One ticket and gift bag


2015 Event Sponsors

Thank you to our generous 2015 event sponsors!

Gold Sponsors
Louis Bacon | Jeffy and Jim Benedict | Citi | DLH Capital | Joan and David Henle | Ali and Peter Jennison |
Karen and John Kemmerer III | Robin and Brian Leach | Susan & Dexter Paine III | Taos Ski Corp.

Silver Sponsors
Arthur Kontos Foundation | Bloomberg Philanthropies | Wes Edens and Fortress Investment Group |
Deloitte | Fortress Investment Group | Ken Graham and Sandy Williams Burke Mountain Academy |
Golman Sachs | Peter and Cynthia K. Kellogg Foundation | Wendy and Paul Raether |
Karen and Dave Thomas | Marree and John Townsend | Susan Sofranas Tutino and Richard Tutino, Jr. | 
Dani and Ted Virtue

Bronze Sponsors
Alice Ruth and Ron Alvarez and Family | Liz Arky | Cindy Biondi | Marian and Greg Boester |
Libby and David Bohonnon | BOMBER Skis | Dede and Mike Brooks | BTIG |  Harry Burn |
Andrew Cader | John Greenwood | The Harvey Silverman Foundation | IMG | Jarden | JDPFF |
George Kellner | Alexa and Fernando Maddock | Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP |
National Winter Sports Education Foundation | SNOW Magazine | Ray Forehand and Stratton Mountain |
Sound Shore Management | Michael Troy | Bill Tyree | Patti and Russell Wolff | 
Kevin O'Callaghan-Universal Builders Supply | Kevin Roon and Simon Yates


2015 Event Committee

Event Chairs – Jim Benedict* | Rich Tutino, Jr.*
Event Committee – Liz  Arky* | Kevin Arquit* | Greg Boester* | Libby Bohonnon | Michael C. Brooks* | Andrew Cader* | Michael Corbat* | Ursula Damani | Mark Dowley* | Wes Edens* | David Henle* | Ali Jennison | Tom Karam* | Peter Kellogg* | Kirk Kellogg* | John Kemmerer III* | Chip LaCasse | Brian Leach* | Meg MacClarence | Alexa Maddock | Walter McCormack* | Dexter Paine III* | Paul Raether* | Alice Ruth* | Tiger Shaw | Hope Taitz | John Townsend III* | Alex Tracy | William B. Tyree | Dani Virtue* | Trisha Worthington
* Trustee, U.S. Ski and Snowboard Foundation



For photos from the 2015 event click here.

Photo Credit: Jared Siskin



USSA has a proud tradition of being supported by funding from generous Americans like YOU!

The U.S. Ski and Snowboard Foundation is a non-profit, 501(c)3 and proceeds from the New York Gold Medal Gala will support athletes in all disciplines of the U.S. Ski Team, U.S. Snowboarding and U.S. Freeskiing, the only teams on the international circuit that receive no federal funding. More specifically, 100% of the monies raised will help fund year-round athlete training, competition, development and educational needs in the crucial years leading up to the 2018 Olympic Winter Games. 

USSA provides leadership and direction for tens of thousands of young skiers and snowboarders who share an Olympic dream while maintaining a strong adherence to the core values of team, loyalty, integrity, respect, perseverance and accountability. No athlete becomes an Olympian on their own! It requires a network of dedicated coaches, teammates and supporters. 

Developed to prepare U.S. athletes for national and international competition, the USSA provides structure for competitive skiing and snowboarding. Over the course of an athlete's career, the USSA can provide up to $2 million of support through travel, coaching staff, sports science and medicine, education and rehabilitation.  This extraordinary tradition is shared with few countries in the world. We have created programs to match donations of all sizes. Just like every second, every step, and every shot counts in the Olympics, So does every contribution to our team. Thank you!